Paige’s pick of the day

Hi Everyone!
My pick today is…. Make your own Kite!
You will need: Sticks, paper, glue, or you can make a brown paper bag kite using crayons, scissors and a ruler.

Making Bag Kites

The materials needed to make this craft are 1 paper grocery bag, crayons, scissors, and a rule. You may color or draw pictures on a paper grocery bag. Fold down top twice to make an inch band at the bottom of the bag. Fasten a string through this folded edge. Child may hold the string and run outdoors with his or her kite. The wind will fill the bag with air and make it fly for a few moments.

I hope you have a wonderful day everyone and I hope you enjoy the sunshine on your face! Take Care everyone, Love Miss Paige XOXOXOXOXO

Paper bag kite
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