Promoting Positive Behaviours

Sign up for the next Promoting Positive Behaviours in Children course :- Various dates running throughout this fall 2023 via in person at the locations below.

To Register for Lawrencetown please contact: [email protected]

To Register for Kentville please contact: [email protected]

Promoting positive behaviours in Children is a free 8 week course for parents/caregivers of children between 3 and 12 years.

Topics include

  • Why children misbehave
  • Positive attention
  • Increasing cooperation and independence
  • Reward and incentive programs
  • Effective discipline strategies
  • Improving school behaviours
  • Managing behaviours in public

For whom

  • Any parent / guardian / caregiver, but especially those managing non-compliant, oppositional, or stubborn children (children do not participate in group sessions)
  • Parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, ADD and ODD
  • Parents looking for education, support and assistance 

There is no fee to participate. 

For more information, call 1-855-273-7110

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