Paige’s pick of the day

Hello Families ❤ My pick of the day today is a Homemade Bird Feeder made out of Bird Seed! 🙂

You will need: Cold water, gelatin, hot Water and mix that all together until the gelatin has dissolved 🙂 then add the corn syrup and stir it in. When that is mixed in well then add in the bird seed. The mixture may be a little watery at first but should frim up if you put it in the fridge for a few minutes. Next spoon your birdseed mixture into a cookie cutter and press it down so the cookie cutter is all filled up. Use a straw to make a hole in it that you can thread a bit of string through later on.

You can use any cookie cutter you like or your most favorite. Then pop your loaded cookie cutters into the fridge to chill them (or somewhere cool in your house).

When everything is thoroughly chilled remove the bird seed shapes from the cookie cutters and thread a string through the holes.

Hang them where ever you like. Watch and wait for the birds to come and enjoy and hang out with you!

Take Care Everyone, enjoy the sunshine and keep smiling:)

Love Miss Paige XOXOXOXO

Find the full instructions here

Bird seed ornaments

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