Dramatic Play Box 09 - Mail

Dramatic Play Box 9 – Mail

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  • Wooden mail box and key
  • 6 Wooden postcards
  • 6 Wooden stamps for postcards
  • Writing paper and envelops
  • Keys
  • The jolly postman book
  • Alphabet giant floor puzzle
  • Laminated post office match game
  • Laminated post office price list
  • Laminated alphabet cards with dry erase markers
  • Laminated stamps set
  • Laminated envelope count set

If you would like to borrow this dramatic play box either phone our main office in Lawrencetown at (902) 584 2210 to reserve it or fill out our form here https://forms.gle/JCM3rjmBqtkXBzwQ6 and we’ll get it ready for you to collect.

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