Hollie Bettle

Hollie Bettle joined the Family Matters Family Home Daycare team in August of 2014 and has helped in many of the Family Matters programs.

She has a wonderful husband, a son and 2 dogs.  She can be found visiting many of the Family Homes within the FHDC catchment area (Digby to Kingston) and offering a Playgroup at Family Matters for the Care Providers.

Miss Hollie is in the process of becoming a Doula

She can be reached at Family Matters 902 584 2210 or 1 800 399 7119 or by email holliebettle1@gmail.com

Our Mission

To develop, coordinate and deliver programs, services, and support that are proven to promote the health and well being of children aged 0 to 18 years and their families, guardians, and caregivers in Annapolis County.

Upcoming Events

Our next Board meeting will be on June 26th, 2017 at 10:00a.m. Our Annual General Meeting is to follow at 12:30p.m.
If you are interested in Becoming a Board Member please feel free to attend this meeting or ask staff at Family Matters for details...